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Telephone code city of Sochi: (862) (2 )******, Code of car numbers: 23, 93, 193. Code Sochi OKATO 03426, Indices Sochi mail: 354 ***.

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Room in a 4-room apartment.

Sochi, the resort area, "Radiant" . equipped beaches, entertainment, forest zone.
An ideal place for recreation for children!
7 minutes from the sea, forest, economy price!
Read more about the resort village of Radiant. Sochi


Rest. Radiant
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What will happen? What is worth seeing? Where to go?

cancun vacation Sochi! What we imagine when we hear it's a fabulous word? Of course - Rest! As said, the heroine of a popular movie: "... well, in Sochi, at least once in a lifetime vacation each!". Indeed: when suitable sweet holiday time, we all start dreaming of Sochi, on the gentle surf, a bronze tan, a quiet night in a cozy cafe rustle of the surf, on the astringent freshness of wines, the unique beauty of untouched nature ... a Caucasian holiday romance? Where it does not happen soon comes to the most romantic and passionate encounter?

Urgently in the room!

In the Crimea at the Port of KavkazIn the Crimea at the Port of Kavkaz. Trip sketches, skills, tips, cautions.

Sochi. City Day November 21Second Day of the City of Sochi
You just have to think
 then the question of how and where to rest? solved by itself! If the rest. it is only in Sochi! Sochi. Russia. Resort on the Black sea. Hotels, motels. Olympic city 2014.  Well, decision was made: We are going on vacation in Sochi! Now we have to solve the main issue: how to relax? Prices of the holiday season Sochi 2010. According to press reports, Sochi will be closed for visitors on a complete overhaul, may you have a last opportunity to visit the hospitable Sochi?
tips coming in Sochi. How to get there, how to go, what to do and where to ... Tips You are about to come on holiday in Sochi? The right choice! Though they say that there is no person in the country at least once does not rest in Sochi, yet many go to our beautiful city for the first time. Here we have prepared a little ...
Sochi, General Tips
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Sochi vacation. Hotels, Resorts, tours. Rest in Adler, Lazarevskoye holiday. Rest in Sochi! - is not in doubt, but where exactly in Sochi? After all, Sochi is a huge choice of holiday destinations! They differ both in nature and class, and price. Among the recognized places of rest in Sochi can be called like: Adler, Hosta , .... details.

 How does the Sochi? Holiday Villages of Magri up the fun.

 Leave your note to find a companion for a trip to the sea to find a partner for an easy holiday flirt, share diving or rent a yacht. Find a partner to play together or in preference to group sex .. And so:   "..." ... going to Sochi, 27, would like to meet girls for a joint holiday. Romance, noisy parties and passionate night guarantee .. ... .. "
Arrive in Sochi in May, would like to meet ...
  Classified memos. Sochi - Anapa
KVNschiki on benches

Sochi KVNschiki got on the bench. Recently, the winning team 1 / 8 finals open in Sochi KVN League, the "Triplets", appeared on the streets, few on the streets - on city benches! ... 

Sochi - all to be fingerprintedSochi residents, quite voluntarily, should be "skate fingers" - to pass fingerprinting. Such massive flash mobs Sochi residents called city police department ....
Sea taxi in SochiIn Sochi, on the sea in a taxi
On the eve of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, a rather serious problem is to fight traffic jams. It is no secret: get around the city of Sochi, without flashing lights almost impossible.And contribute to this, paradoxically, work in preparation for the Olympics. More
Azov City is no longer relevantPractical issues carry a gambling zone "Azov-City" in Anapa
 Russia's parliament amended the law on gambling. Now the Rostov region permanently excluded from the areas which will be located gaming zone "Azov-City". Now it will be on the Black Sea coast in the vicinity of Anapa.
Gasoline in Sochi. Money out of thin air, sun and sea.Gasoline in Sochi driven through Australia?

The cost of a liter of fuel in Sochi on the ruble higher than in the neighboring town. Olympic prices? More

Casino, roulette machinesLose money in Sochi?Certainly!  In Sochi, on every street corner you will lose money. Slots in a new form filled city. More.
 Closed positions DPS  In Sochi, burning garbage All roads lead to the sea?  Health path - the path of health  Arboretum of the new  Evacuation in Sochi  Good place - e  Rosreestra 9 years!  Sochi, the new airport terminal
 Where in Sochi to smoke?  All news
Concert posters cities Adler, Sochi, Lazarevskoye, Anapa, Gelendzhik. Plan your vacation to meet your favorite artist.
Sochi ski resort

Krasnaya Polyana

History, news, descriptions, hotels, transport


Good night's rest in a quiet area SOCHI

Paintball club in Sochi
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Airsoft in Sochi
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Sochi vacation. Hotels If you vacation in Sochi for you not only food and shower, your way to the hotel. InSochi many fine hotels to suit all tastes and levels of affluence. Recent years, took a strong position in the market of resort services to private hotels, villas, guest houses. Many private hotels in Sochi offer.......  Hotels in Sochi. PROPOSALS
Sochi vacation. Resorts, tours. You can select and buy a ticket in one of the finest resorts or guest houses, of which Sochi darkness tmuschaya! And enjoy the mode, excellent service, equipped beach, leisure curative and preventive medical procedures. Pros: fully organized vacation.... details.  Ticket to Sochi OFFERS
Sochi vacation. private sector A more independent type of holiday - hire a "private sector". In Sochi, you can rent a villa, cottage, house, apartment, room almost every taste and budget,rooms, apartments, houses may be in different areas of Sochi, in different distances from the sea. ....  PRIVATE SECTOR Sochi. PROPOSALS

Sochi's natural features In the vicinity of Sochi, a variety of unique natural beauty! Caucasus Environment is truly unique in its variety: turbulent mountain rivers, mysterious caves, fabulous waterfalls, shady canyons ... The Caucasus has a long history in the vicinity of Sochi can find ancient castles and temples, the mysterious dolmens and other objects of the Neolithic ... Virtually all of these beauties remain Sochi National Park. Many objects are landscaped for sightseeing visits, others quite pervozdanna. Sochi's nature - it is worth seeing with my own eyes!

Dating in Sochi. Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler, Lazarevskoye. Dating of the Krasnodar Territory. About stake survey.Find her or him. For life, for a short holiday romance, for infrequent meetings, just to socialize, get acquainted.
"... Hi! My name is Hlops, I am a woman, I am 29 years old, I have green eyes, height 168 ... ... looking for a man: anovel in the resort of Sochi, infrequent meetings, sex. With contact me: e-mail hlops.....
Natalia, I'm 22, a lioness, gray eyes, height 176, breast size .... ...
 Dating service .
Sex on the beach. All of the resort's novels. Advice, skills and news. Real stories about holiday romances. Sochi, sea, vacation ...we are working, run around for months dreaming and planning. How come it - times joyful bliss, rest time - vacation! Come true! The sea gently rub our feet, the sun caresses the body, gull pointless circling in the sky. Evenings intoxicating red wine, and millions of stars in the black-and-black southern sky. I so want to communicate, affection, love and passion!Holiday romances - they reduce the mind, they circle of people in the maelstrom of passion, sex ...  Holiday romances. Sochi
 Map of places for sex
Sex on the beach. All of the resort's novels. Advice, skills and news. Real stories about holiday romances. Leave your note to find a companion for a trip to the sea to find a partner for an easy holiday flirt, share diving or rent a yacht. Find a partner to play together in a preference for group or sex .And so: "... going to Sochi, 27, would like to meet girls for a joint holiday.Romance, noisy parties and passionate night guarantee . ... .. "
Arrive in Sochi in May, would like to meet ...
   Classified memos. Sochi - Anapa



The city of Sochi. History, news. History of the region and the region. History For the first time toponym "Sochi" is found in the records of the Turkish traveler, who visited the Black Sea Coast in 1641. However, the author gives this name as the name of the mountains, not the settlement. In the same work among the peoples who inhabited the Black Sea, he mentions a tribe of Soca. More
Greater Sochi - devices. RESORTS
Accommodation at a seaside retreat in the private sector economy prices!
 The most striking discovery of the season!
New, actively developing resort town of Sochi . Location: 20 kms. from the center of Sochi. 3 km. from the famous resort town Loo.
The resort area "Radiant" . Sochi.
Acquainted with the conditions and demand.
Equipped beach, entertainment, forest zone. An ideal place for recreation for children! 7 minutes from the sea, forest,



 Cinema city of Sochi, Adler Theater, Cinema Lazarev.

 Paintball in Sochi . Paintball Club of Sochi, the history of paintball. News, price.

 Reviews about the vacation in Sochi, the resort towns of Greater Sochi (from Magri up the fun), reviews of seaside resorts. Forum on feedback from holidaymakers

All about tanning. Useful if tan? how to tan? Sunbathing only in Sochi! Currently, assumed that the sun (especially at doses that cause sunburn) is bad for health (since the intense sunburn contributes to skin cancer). But it was not always the case. At the beginning of the century tan ...
Harmful or not?
Children and sun
How to tan? on
tips on tanning

All of the Black Sea

 System of the City of Sochi. RU "includes more than 20 different projects.
 You can always place an ad, article, a description of your object. Enough to contact advertising : (9882) 39-44-33.Advertise on this site.
 Book provides: Non-Profit Partnership "The union of spa and health organizations "South " in Sochi


Sex on the beach. All of the resort's novels. Advice, skills and news. Real stories about holiday romances.NEW! section opened on the spa novels. All about sex on the beach, tales of his holiday-affair, advice.
Sochi 2014. The Olympics in Sochi.
2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi.
Sochi - the capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014!
Concert posters cities Adler, Sochi, Lazarevskoye, Anapa, Gelendzhik. Plan your vacation to meet your favorite artist.
"Summer Capital"

Paintball in Sochi. Complete information.

Paintball in Sochi
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